Metadata + Story

As a blockchain explorer, you may feel like I do. We are fascinated by the idea of blockchain but also lost in it.

Our focus shifts between wallets, browsers, market price, data analysis, and even Twitter and Substack, but much of the information is messy and unorganized.

Blockchain, A ledger that carries human consensus, An open, transparent, permissionless database, We believe that blockchain deserves a better way to be seen and understood.

Metadata (aka ”Metaverse data”) is explained in Story, thus the name Mest.

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Mest makes it simple for you to analyse on-chain data and connect your readers.

We strive to create a friendly, humane, and inclusive environment at Mest. Each engineer and designer brings their own cultural identity to the table, which generates value.

Mest team
Mest team
Mest team
Mest team

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We list positions that support remote work, but we still require you to be able to work remotely in some capacity.

  • Self-driven and collaborative
  • Maintain a work-life balance and deliver a reasonable output
  • Experience with project management and document writing

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